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Raging Heroes Natasha ready for pre-order

Raging Heroes have released their first miniature from their series “the toughest girls of the galaxy”.

The com´s operator Natasha!


This miniature will be ready to pre-order on November the 5th and will begin shipping on the 10th.

More on their products can be found here.

Thank you very much for following this blog.

-Rainus Karn


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Sexy New Hasslefree Resin Masters

Hasslefree Miniatures have expanded their Resin Masters series by a few new (and a few ´ahem` sexy) releases.

Jashun Shaw (Spy)

A147 Jashun Shaw composite

Blanche (Warrior)

H096 Blanche composite

Il Cuoco (“Cleaner”)

A143b Il Cuoco composite

Rouge Drax (Mercenary)

SF128 Rogue Drax composite

Taylor (Survivor)

A148 Taylor composite

Incubus A

X020 Incubus (a) composite

Succubus A

X017 Succubus (a) composite

Incubus B

X021 Incubus (b) composite

Succubus B

X018 Succubus (b) composite

For more of their amazing range click here.

As always thank you for reading and have a great day.

-Rainus Karn

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New Tyranid Toxicrene / Maleceptor

Games Workshop have released a new boxset for the Tyranids, wich can be assembled as a Toxicrene or a Maleceptor.


99120106033_Toxicrene01 99120106033_Toxicrene02 99120106033_Toxicrene03


99120106033_Maleceptor01 99120106033_Maleceptor02 99120106033_Maleceptor03

This set will begin shipping on November the 8th. For more Information visit their website here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

-Rainus Karn

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(Late) Halloween Dump

Since I had no time yesterday I will just quickly dump all the Halloween releases, before moving on to todays news.

Kingdom Death:

Pinup Twilight Knight

TKP-Halloween-01_1024x1024 TKP-Halloween-product_1024x1024

Visionary (Male)

visionary-male-01_1024x1024 visionary-male-product_1024x1024

Pinup Visionary

pinup-visionary-02_1024x1024 pinup-visionary-product_1024x1024

These miniatures are in very limited supplies so get them here while you can!

Secret Weapon Miniatures:

Urban Street (clean) tiles

TS2402-in1 TS2402-UrbanClean_01

Urban Street (damaged) tiles

TS2403-in1 TS2403-UrbanDamaged_01

Scrap Yard tiles

TS2401-in1 TS2401-ScrapYard_01

Rolling Fields tiles

TS2404_in1png TS2404-RollingFields_01

Forgotten City tiles


For more Information click here.

Games Workshop:

New compact Warhammer 40K Rulebook.

60040199050_40kTheRules01 60040199050_40kTheRules02

For more go here.

Sorry if this entry was a bit unprofessionell, but thanks for reading anyway.

-Rainus Karn

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Forgeworld Horus Heresy Conquest teaser

Forgeworld have released a teaser for their 4th Horus Heresy book “Conquest”.

Not very conclusive but I guess its something. Check it out here.

Thanks for reading.

-Rainus Karn

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The Glottkin bring death and pestilence to the old world

Games Workshop have released a new unit for chaos armies of Nurge, the Glottkin.

The Glottkin are three brothers and the mightiest champions of the plaguegod Nurgle.

99120201024_TheGlottkin02 99120201024_TheGlottkin03 99120201024_TheGlottkin04 99120201024_TheGlottkin05 99120201024_TheGlottkin05

This monstrosity will begin shipping on the 1st of November and is currently available for pre order.

Thanks for reading and until next time.

-Rainus Karn

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First SOLAR AUXILIA Vehicle comes to Forge World the Dracosan Armoured Transporter!

Forge World released their first Vehicle for their new army, the Dracosan Armoured Transporter!

Dracosan_1 Dracosan_3 Dracosan_4 Dracosan_5 Dracosan_BW_1 Dracosan_BW_2

There is also a separate set of crew members available.


Both sets will be dispatched on October 30th, for more information go to their online store.

Thank you very much for reading and supporting this blog.

-Rainus Karn